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We offer many programs. Some are located on-site, others are available locally. House members are required to attend the programs weekly and the times vary to fit the different house members schedule. All programs are within walking distance so transportation is usually not a issue. Where and when needed transportation will be provided.


House members reside for a minimum of 90 days up to a year. The length of stay varies from person to person depending on their circumstances. All utilities are included in rent including cable. 


Every house member including all staff are subject to random and reasonable suspicion drug screening.



12 Step

12 steps meetings are a set of guiding principles outlining a course of action for recovery. House members attend the meetings weekly. Class participation is encouraged. 



Sober Living Services has been approved as a qualified Transitional House for those under TDOC supervision. Sober Living Services provides regular reports to parole/probation officers to ensure house members stay in good standing.


Intensive Outpatient Program consist of weekly group sessions. House members are required to attend the weekly sessions if it is determined this program is needed. 

IOP sessions are conducted by a qualified facilitator. Attendance is tracked weekly and participation in group activities is required. C0ntact Sober Living Services for classes nearest you.


NA/AA meetings main purpose is to encourage participants to maintain sobriety with support of fellow attendees. House members are required to attend NA/AA meetings weekly. The NA/AA meetings ate conducted off-site but well within walking distance so transportation is not a factor.



Sober Living Services has developed relationships with employers within the community to aid in house members job placement. Sober Living Services assists members in obtaining, filling out, and submission of applications. Sober Living Services assists in transportation to and from employment until other arrangements can be provided.

Reentry Program

We have been accepted by the State of Tennessee as a ReEntry Program. The ReEntry Program's main goal is to serve ex-offenders and their families, and to provide support and guidance to those individuals seeking a successful transition from incarceration to the community.

Inpatient Treatment

We understand the importance of addressing the problems and issues of individuals seeking to change their lifestyle. Addressing drug and alcohol addiction is the first step in recovery and we work digently on getting help for those who need it most. We have established relationships with many treatment facilities and work with the individual to find the one that best meets their needs.